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Cyber bank robbers steal $1b, says Kaspersky report
A new report is claiming that up to 100 banks and financial institutions worldwide have been attacked in an unprecedented cyber robbery.

Video purports to show IS militants beheading hostages
The Associated Press could not immediately independently verify the video. But the Egyptian government and the Coptic Church, which is based in Egypt, both declared it authentic.

Leaders decry Denmark attack as assault on freedom of speech
Investigators in the Danish capital say the gunman could have been inspired by the terror attacks in Paris last month, in which three Islamic radicals killed 17 people at the Charlie Hebdo newspaper.

Ukraine cease-fire largely holding, Debaltseve still tense
The cease-fire has kindled slender hopes of reprieve from the conflict between the government troops and Russian-backed separatists that has claimed more than 5,300 lives since it began in April.

Likely terror attack at Copenhagen free speech event, one dead
The event was organised by Swedish artist Lars Vilks, who has faced numerous threats after caricaturing the Prophet Muhammad.

Mass shooting plot foiled in Canada
Canadian police say they have foiled a plot to carry out a mass shooting in the Halifax area on Saturday.

English journalists on terror-related charges released from Egyptian prison
The Al-Jazeera reporters spent over 400 days in prison after being caught in the bitter feud between Egypt and Qatar, main backer of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood group.

England bans smoking in cars with children
Drivers in England will be banned from smoking in their cars if they are carrying children as passengers.

UN says hundreds of migrants killed in latest Mediterranean tragedy
The United Nations says at least 300 migrants are feared to have drowned after attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea from North Africa this week in rough seas.

Jamaica reportedly on track to end mother-to-child HIV transmission
Jamaica is reportedly on track to be among the first countries in the world to reach targets for the elimination of mother-to-child HIV transmission.

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