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Pearnel Charles denies stoning polling station

posted: 2006-06-07 14:14:16
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Claudine Housen/Noel Thompson/Adrian Frater

Jamaica Labour Jamaica (JLP) Member of Parliament for North Central Clarendon, Pearnel Charles, is denying reports that he and party supporters stoned a polling station in Berkshire, Westmoreland this morning.

Luther Buchanan, during an interview with The Gleaner alleged that he received reports from field representatives that a senior member of the JLP had blocked the road and was stoning the polling station in the area.

Opposition Senator Anthony Johnson heard the reports and said he would investigate.

“The PNP has such strong support in the constituency and it would be unwise for anyone to do such a thing but I will look into it,? the Senator said.

A few minutes later, Mr. Charles told The Gleaner that the reports were referring to him and that they were untrue. He gave his version of what happened.

“I were having a discussion with two people, one dressed in green and one in orange. A man driving a car in our direction, accelerated threefold, almost hitting us. I shouted to him that he was mad. He then reversed the car in our direction and I hit the bonnet.?

“There was a heated argument and now only to hear that I am leading a crowd of Labourites in stoning a polling station. That is not true,? Mr. Charles said.

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